August 2014

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A corrupted memory card has damaged data that prevents it from performing properly. If a card becomes unreadable, you may not be able to access photos on it.

Memory card corruption often results from human error. Awareness of the main causes can help prevent card corruption from occurring.

Causes of memory card corruption

  • Turning off a camera before an image is completely written to the memory card.
  • Removing the memory card from a camera while an image is being written to the card.
  • Removing the card from a memory card reader while files are still being transferred to a computer.
  • Batteries conking out as files are being transferred directly from the camera to a computer. Note: always make sure you have fully charged batteries before transferring images.
  • Removing the card from a card reader while folders and files from the card are open on a computer.
  • Opening, deleting, renaming or moving files on the card while its contents are open on a computer.
  • Using a memory card which has not been formatted in the camera. Use the delete/erase function when needed, however a card should be regularly formatted.
  • Formatting a card in a computer instead of the camera. Formatting a memory card in a computer can slow down data processing when it’s used in the camera. With some memory cards, formatting via a computer may result in compatibility and operational problems. 
  • Inserting a second memory card into a card reader before closing and removing the first when viewing images on the card from a computer.
  • Taking photos when camera batteries are nearly empty.
  • Taking photos too rapidly so the camera can not complete writing one image before starting the next.
  • Continually shooting and deleting, shooting and deleting images when the card is full.
  • Letting a memory card get too full before downloading the images to a computer or storage device. Cards that are too full may overwrite the card headers.
  • Using a memory card from one camera in a different camera without formatting it in the new camera first.

Memory card “fixes”

If your memory card becomes corrupted, stop using it immediately. Do not format or attempt to delete any images from it.

If the card is still readable, try retrieving the files using an image recovery program. If the card is unreadable in the camera, try retrieving images by using a memory card reader.

Some recovery programs recover a wider range of files than others. They recover images, documents, mail, video, music and a variety of file formats such as bitmap, sound, animation, 2D/3D vector graphics, word processor, database and spreadsheet files.

If you’ve lost images as well as video and audio files make sure the program you use is capable of dealing with each format you hope to recover. Image recovery programs can be downloaded from the developer’s website, usually with a 15 – 30 day free trial period.

When images can’t be recovered

If you can’t retrieve images on your own and the photos are of great importance, send the card to an Image Recovery Lab. Many memory card manufacturers offer recovery service…for a fee.

If you can part with your photos, it may be less expensive to purchase a new memory card rather than send the corrupted one to a lab. If your card is still on warranty, the manufacturer may attempt photo recovery without charge.

 Tip: Make sure your Secured Digital memory card is unlocked - If you’re using a SD or SDHC card, make sure the small write-protection switch on the left side near the top of the card is not enabled. Sometimes a card gets locked when inserting it into the camera or card reader. Gently slide the write-protection switch down to unlock it.

After a long time, wechat messenger is back with new free recharge offer called FnR  (Friends n Rewards).
This is similar to currently line messenger offer. It's giving 150 Rs of free talktime just for doing voice or video call daily.
Follow the steps given below to win talktime-

1) Install Wechat app on your android phone.

2) Offer will be valid from 1 September  to 20 September 2014 and users are supposed to do 2 activities daily.

  • You must do a voice or video call with your friend on wechat
  • You must send stickers daily to any friends or groups

3) You can get Maximumof Rs 150 and Minimum 10 Rs free mobile recharge from this offer.

So guys here m sharing some free proxies for airtel
Proxy -

1) OR
2) OR
3) OR
4) OR
5) OR
7) OR
8) OR
Port- 80


Note:-Shared only for educational purpose...

Hello guys.....  This is Uday Rane bringing you some news and rumors on Windows 9...
So most of you might have got news about it & some might not!!! So I thought of sharing my first post with WINDOWE_9..
It's fair to say that Windows 8 has not been a universal success. In many ways a necessary step not terribly well executed, Windows 8's attempt to stitch together desktop and mobile has been way too radical to encourage new users. And as the longer life of existing PCs and laptops combines with the growth of smartphones and tablets to continually slow PC sales, Window 8 has come to be seen as a dud. This means two things: expect a new and improved Windows in the fastest possible time, and expect it to be called 'Windows 9'. It's unlikely there will be a Windows 8.2, and there definitely won't be a Window 8.3
So Windows9 will be available for purchase in April 2015.
Also there are many expectations from the customers towards win9 & some of them are,
1. Lower price

Microsoft needs a carrot to dangle in front of consumers and businesses to convince them to invest in Windows 9 machines. The firm might even have to go so far as to offer users the chance to upgrade to the next-iteration of Windows for free.
Reducing the cost of upgrading will help people finally part with Windows XP - the aged operating system that entered end of life in april 2014.
Microsoft’s updates have long been priced higher than Apple’s, and this is yet another factor deterring consumers from upgrading. Something similar to a limited-time, lower price deal for Windows 8 might work, but it’s possible that Windows 9 might even be available for free ala Mac OS X 10.9.

2. Better Battery Life

Intel’s 2013 Haswell chipsprovided a big jump in battery life, which can be seen in the latest crop of Ultrabooks. Windows machines have long been known to burn through battery power quicker than their Mac OS X counterparts.
Ars Technica gave a detailed breakdown of how OS X Mavericks saves power. The system schedules tasks to run in clumps to maximise processor idle time and minimise power consumption. The latest version of Apple’s OS was so efficient, it even added an extra 60 minutes of battery life to older hardware which upgraded to this operating system.
Microsoft needs to better implement power saving features into Windows 9 or risk being left further behind next-gen Mac products.

3. Desktop-Only Mode

The Metro UI has alienated many loyal Windows users and the firm is going to have to work hard to appease them. Windows 8.1went some way towards making things better with the option to boot straight to desktop.
But we want Windows 9 to take this a step further. We want the option to switch Metro off. So when you turn on desktop-only mode, this means images should open in Windows Gallery, not the Metro Preview app.
With Windows 9 for mobile devices, Microsoft is reportedly planning to ditch the desktop entirely, and rumours suggest that PCs running the OS may be sold with the Metro view disabled as a default.
Desktop-only mode would let users work in peace and placate some of Microsoft’s critics, while allowing the company to keep experimenting with Metro for consumers.
The Charms bar- another unpopular element of Windows 8's redesign - is also rumoured to have been dropped, with the search, share, devices and settings options previously housed there moving to new title bars on modern Windows 9 apps.

4. Virtual desktops for improved productivity

OS Xand Linux have had virtual desktops for years. They allow you to keep multiple sets of windows open on one computer, to mprove productivity when juggling multiple projects.
Microsoft has announced that virtual desktopswill indeed be part of Windows 9, allowing users to enjoy multiple desktop displays with individual settings, making it easier to seperate work and home activities on the same device.

5. Bring back the real Start button

It’s amazing how so many people can miss such a small feature. Microsoft gave into popular demand when it put a Start button in Windows 8.1, but this just brings you back to the Start screen.
It was rumoured for some time the Start Button would return with Windows 8.1 Update 2, but sources claim it has been delayed until June 2015 when it is thought Windows 9 will also arrive.
When it does finally see the light of day, the new-look Start Menu will reportedly include both the classic layout of previous iterations and a new Metro panel with live tiles for Windows Store apps. A mock-up of the menu was shown at April’s Build conference.
6. Over-the-air system recovery

Microsoft could also make it easier to restore Windows in the event of a malfunction. Mac devices can reinstall OS X by simply downloading files from the internet.
A similar system would make it easier to recover Windows computers, as it is much simpler than digging through BIOS boot settings and trying to find your recovery USB.
Keeping so many system-specific files would be difficult, but it’s possible. Microsoft could convince hardware manufacturers to contribute the necessary files so users could recover their systems over-the-air.

7. Better display scaling

Windows has not been able to cope with the high-resolution devices manufacturers have started pumping out. As screen resolutions climb north of 1920 x 1080, programs such as Adobe Premiere and Vegas Pro can be rendered unusable in some cases as icons can appear tiny and pixellated.
Howtogeekput up a useful guide explaining how to change the compatibility settings for troublesome Windows apps in order to make the text readable again, but this shouldn’t even be necessary.
Microsoft needs to add better support for Retina-quality displays to make sure the new version of its OS still looks good on devices like the Surface Pro 2.

8. Improved anti-virus

Windows is a primary target for viruses, if only by virtue of its dominant market share. Redmond’s OS attracts the lion’s share of malware, while OS X and Linux aren’t as vulnerable.
Microsoft releases regular security patches and has built Microsoft Security Essentials into Windows 8 - but this has been critically panned. In Dennis pPublishing tests, it missed 39 per cent of malware thrown at it.
We might see things improve with Windows 9 as Intel has rebranded the McAfee software suite and could provide comprehensive protection. But Microsoft has to up its game too.

9. Fix Windows Update

Updating Windows software has driven many people to the brink of insanity. If ignored for too long, Windows may reboot your PC at the worst moment possible and then you can be trapped in what seems like a never-ending cycle of updating and rebooting.
Refreshing drivers is the same. PC users shouldn't have to dig through a manufacturer’s website in 2014, looking for the latest version of a driver for their laptop’s graphics card.
Windows 9 thankfully looks to be making moves to rectify these problems with Threshold, with single click updatesrumoured to be introduced. The feature is a part of the Windows 9 Technical Preview, which makes it's inclusion in the final operating system likely though not confirmed.

This would finally make Windows updates more efficient and less annoying to apply,
So guys latest news says that Microsoft has skipped win9 & Window 10 will launch...

Slidejoy is a cash making lock screen which pays you
for daily unlocking your android device. Here is complete review of app and we will check whether
this app is Legit or Scam.

Slidejoy Review

I installed this app in month of May(i guess)2014 and I used to get approximately 0.10$ per day just for unlocking my phone normally.
Minimum payout amount for slidejoy is 1$ via paypal and there are many other options too. When I reached threshold amount, I made request for money redemption but even after a week, it was showing as a pending.
Then I read their FAQ page and I came to know that slidejoy pays after 3 months from request of redemption.
Then I though this app must be fake or scam as most of the other apps process payments within 5-10 days. But then I decided to keep patience for 3 months and surprisingly I got payment from slidejoy!
So, as of my experience, slidejoy is definitely a legit app which really pays you for unlocking screen

Slidejoy Paypal Payment Proofs:-

Download Slidejoy App From Android Play Store

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You have a fine music system and want to listen
to it with good headphones . If you do some careful
research, you can find just the right headphones.
Here are some tips to help you find the right
  • Decide what you would like to hear. Do you want to be able to hear the noise of the world around you or do you want to pass through a silent world against the backdrop of your music? Where your headphones sit will affect how much noise comes in and whether the world will turn silent around you. In-ear headphones either sit inside the canal, blocking out the noise around you, or in the "bowl" that's just outside your ear canal, allowing you to hear what's going on in the world.

  • Decide what headphones are more comfortable. For some, the feeling of the soft, silicone earbuds that sit in your ear canal are more comfortable to wear, while others prefer looser earbuds that sit in your ear, but not in the canal.

  • Decide what audio sounds you'd like to have enhanced. Different headphones enhance different tones. You might prefer enhanced bass or midtones, while someone else might like headphones with different technology. Check tech reviews to learn about the tones enhanced by different headphones [source: Sofge ].

  • Look for headphones with a durable cable. You don't want the cable to be too thin, or it could break easily. A reinforced L-plug where the wire connects to the plug helps make thin cables a bit more durable. Thin cables may also get tangled more frequently than their thick counterparts. Headphone cables with a slider at the "Y" part may be less prone to getting tangled.

  • Decide how important it is for you to have stylish headphones. If the look makes a big difference, then look for headphones with style as well as comfort and functionality.

  • Look for headphones with minimal sound leakage. You want the best listening experience, but everyone else may not want to listen to your music [source: France ].

uys its BISWAJEET posting Everything about Xiaomi.
Friends you might be hearing "Xiaomi" a lot now everywhere mainly in Facebook & Twitter. N you might be thinking WT#! Where How When it came? What it is?

Well "Xiaomi" is a Chinese Mobile Manufacturer Company. It is popular for its UI(MIUI),CHEAP,POWERFUL & SUPER ANDROID POWERED PHONES.Its phones cheap  'cuz mostly phones are produced in China so production price is low compared to other countries & also that's why mostly 90% of phone are written with"MADE IN CHINA".

" Xiaomi" is also known as the "Apple" of China for its
UI(User Interface) I.e "MIUI".
MIUI is an interface is which very much featureful , smooth, HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE & a lots n lots of tricks included in it.

This UI has no app drawer n not installed playstore inbuilt as per Chinese Rules & Regulations.

u have pre installed theme store which can customize anything you can imagine.This means no need of custom ROMS for styling.Its theme store can change almost anything like
Boot animation, fonts,lock screen,notification drawer styles,backgrounds,dailer,almost everything. MiUi & Xiaomi made the phone to great levels. MiUi is get updated in every 2-3 months just like a new look of Android(Currently MiUi 6 looks exact to IOS 7). And developer version of MiUi get updated each month, Its your choice.

t access.
Xiaomi phones are pre rooted. You don't need to search or find a root method to it. If you own a Xiaomi you don't need to worry to void warranty if you get messed with the device, there Xiaomi for you to fix this ! Even if you messed with Xiaomi then its Online Forums are there to help you just like " XDA".
Xiaomi phones are great. Its popular phone all over the world till now is "MI3". You might have heard , MI3 gone out of stock (10000 pieces) in 2 secs in Flipkart. Now you can how much it's popular n how much people buying this beast. It has already hitter the Market in Singapore and Bangalore n now its hitting in India.

Xiaomi has broad number of accessories for its each phones. So won't face any trouble for accessories like powerbanks,flipcovers,back case,tampered glass,and a lot more. Xiaomi phones & accessories are also going to available on Flipkart exclusively.

Visit Xiaomi store:
I think you guys must be thinking to buy one Xiaomi Fone but wait if you not impressed by our post then please visit their official site n judge.
Visit official Xiaomi India page :-

We are sure its launch gonna tough the competition with Samsung,Micromax & other Manufacturers who has already hit the market in India.

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Haptik app meant for iOS and Android platform allows the users to connect with customer care department of over 100 different brands to have queries answered in matter of minutes.

Connecting with the Customer Care of any brand over the phone is quite a painful process. To make it tad easier, a new service driven app - Haptik arrives with a capability to connect with the customer care of over 100 different brands. Whether it is a query related to your mobile bill/network, or about your phone, if the brand is listed then the user can have the query answered in couple of minutes.

Haptik app for the Google Android and Apple iOS platform brings along a capability to connect with solution experts that provide support and information related to the query.

Haptik app developed in India and mostly for Indians promises of having over 20 different solution experts available through a normal day. User simply has to select the relevant brand and type out the query. The solution experts, mostly referred as Agents will get your query answered in less than four minutes.

Haptik developers promise that the conversation with the Solution Experts will happen without any usage of automated bots. The Solution Experts will have a profile and the users can choose the queries based on the brand categories ranging from Airlines to Wireless & Telecom.
No need to call up the customer and let them put you on hold for several minutes. A user simply has to leave a message and then the query would be responded. We tried out the app and the interface is quite simple to use.

The Haptik app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for respective platforms.

Friends this is BISWAJEET sharing a great app(for android) for those who does a lot more chat and especially happy with the "FACEBOOK MESSENGER" for its "CHAT HEADS FEATURE". This app will let your " WHATSAPP" Contacts chat with "Chat Head Feature"
This is a Root Required App.

Faebookbook Home first was introduced, it

brought with the “chat heads” that provided a nice
little notification in the corner of your display with
a picture of your contact. You could then click on
the picture and then seamlessly read and respond to
messages without having to stop what you’re
currently doing on your device. If you’ve liked the
way this works, but use another messaging service
more than Facebook Messenger, take a look below
and we will explain how to achieve the same results.
Facebook Messenger isn't the only messenger with
chat head functionality.

To achieve this, you’ll need to download an
application called Seebye Chat Heads which is
available via the Google Play Store. It is a module of
the Xposed Framework and does require root
access. Check out our article on what the Xposed
Framework is and how it works .

Downloading Seebye Chat Heads
Thanks to this application, we can get the chat
head notifications for other messaging apps, such
as WhatsApp, to appear on the screen with a small
circle and a picture of the contact. By click on this
bubble, you’ll get access to three options in which
you can see the conversation, mark it as read, or
even reply.

With Seebye Chat Heads, you can get Facebook
Messenger style notifications for WhatsApp.
Much like Facebook Messenger, the chat heads can
be moved anywhere on the screen so as to not
obstruct your view of the display. As well, to get
rid of a chat head, you simply have to do a long
press on the icon and then drag it to the bottom of
the screen where a "X" will appear. If you let go
over the "X", the chat head will disappear from the


LINE is an instant messaging app just like WhatsApp. LINE constantly give their new and old users surprise gifts like free recharges and free discount coupons. Last month (June 2014) LINE decided to celebrate holiday season by giving their users free recharge of ₹ 130. Now this time LINE came with a new offer. This time LINE is giving free recharge of ₹ 120 (which is comparatively lower than previous offer) to their new and old customers.
The offer was started on August 20, 2014 and will end on September 9, 2014. You will need to send at least one sticker each day to one of your Group for 20 Days. The app offer lasts for 20 Days, so even if you miss one or two days in between, you wilproblem problem getting recharges.

How to Get ₹ 120 Free Recharge:

Download LINE App if you haven't already. Or Click the button below to download from play store. (recommended)
Download apk from zippy share

[For New Users] Open the app and fill your details and activate your LINE.

After Activating start sending some LINE Stickers to your friends. Send at least one Sticker each day to one of your friend.

You will be delighted with your first recharge on 5th day and the process will continue.
This icon will show you how many days are left for your recharge. Click on this Icon to see the schedule of recharges.

Recharge Days:

Day 05 - ₹ 30
Day 10 - ₹ 30
Day 15 - ₹ 30
Day 20 - ₹ 30

Once you have reached the day of your recharge LINE will automatically message you to avail your recharge. The recharge will be directly send to your number or any other number you enter while recharging.

If you need any further help then comment below. Also tell us what you feel about this offer.

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Hi friends this is Biswajeet today posting you everything you want to know about NEXUS 6. Without a delay let's go to our post.
The Nexus 5 was announced on October 31 2013,
hitting stores in November of the same year.
In terms of the Nexus 6 release date we're
expecting the handset to arrive around the same
time in 2014.
Considering the Nexus 5 launched at $349, £299
for the 16GB model we'd expect the Nexus 6 to
inherit a similar pricing structure, although if it's
rocking some serious tech it may come in slightly more expensive

oexus 6 operating system
The Nexus 6 could be the first device to run the
next version of Google's operating system, which
we now know to be
Android L.
When Google launches a new major version of its
software it usually offers up some hardware too.

Korean manufacturer LG was being hotly tipped for
a third term as Google's Nexus smartphone
producer, and while the Nexus 5 bore resemblances
to last year's LG G2 , some sources reckon the
Nexus 6 will apparently be based on the LG G3 .
That's all been called into question though as LG has
now denied any involvement in the Nexus 6. That
begs the question of who then will be making it in
LG's place, but it also kills most of the theories
that had been circulating.
They may have a point though, as Motorola is
another manufacturer being linked to the Nexus 6,
with reports of a handset codenamed "Shamu" doing
the rounds.

The Nexus 6 is going to follow a curved/flexible screen which would blow minds of toughness.
The Nexus 6's screen size at 5.5 inches, which is
the same as the LG G3, but with LG seemingly not
involved that's presumably just a coincidence if it's
even true.Going back to the Motorola leak, and the "Shamu" handset apparently sports a sizeable 5.9-inch
display which would push the device firmly into
phablet territory.

Just like its predecessor Nexus 6 is also going to have LTE(4G) SUPPORT, also 3G and 2G frequencies.
Bluetooth 4 .. Powerful WIFI with b/g/n/ac support with would capture 2Ghz and 5Ghz channels easily this means you will get high speed connectivity ever from a distance.


It looks like the Nexus 6 might be a real beast. The
Motorola Shamu, which is believed to be the Nexus 6, appeared on GFXBench . It has so far only
completed a single test but alongside the results
you can see that it has a 2.6GHz quad-core
Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM, which
would make it a match for any other smartphone
out there. A similar listing has also popped up on
AnTuTu , revealing an Adreno 420 GPU.
Nexus 6 camera
Not much is known about the camera yet, but a
leak on GFXBench for the Shamu lists a 12MP
snapper with UHD video recording, which would be a
step up from the lacklustre 8MP camera on the
Nexus 5 .
It may even be slightly better still, as according to
a similar listing on AnTuTu it will actually have a
13MP main camera, plus a 2.1MP front-facing one.

Battery power is not confirmed yet but it has a rumour to follow 3100 mAh lithium polymer non removable battery. Well, Battery life has bossed the chart of complaints in
the smartphone market for years now and last year's Nexus was a major offender, with a
constantly weird amount of power suckage.
Scraping through a day simply isn't good enough. If you're going to pack more and more irresistible
features into a device with a gorgeous hypnotizing display, then please give it enough juice to fulfil our obsessive usage.

Since Apple made the jump to a 64-bit processor in
the iPhone 5S it's inevitable that other
manufacturers will want to follow suit.
App developers and manufacturers will be able to
realize the potential of this in years to come, but
perception is important and that's reason enough
for the Nexus 6 to need a 64-bit processor.

The front-facing dual-speaker setup on the HTC
One M8 is undeniably nice and the more we consume
media on our smartphones the more important it
becomes to get decent sound.
The Nexus 5 had one speaker at the bottom and it
was less than stellar. It's another obvious target
for a spot of improvement on the Nexus 6 and it
would be nice if headphones weren't a requirement
for enjoying music on your phone.

Full HD with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution is still
the standard for top-end Android smartphones, but
QHD 2560 x 1440 displays are just around the
By the time the Nexus 6 is due to arrive the 5.5-
inch QHD just like LG G3 will be on sale, and maybe even the
Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and HTC One M8 Prime as
It wouldn't be a shock if the Nexus 6 brought us a
new level of pixel density. It's probably too soon
for 4K displays, but we're heading in that direction,
and this would at least give a Nexus the headline
grabbing features we love.
Of course, only if it can be done cheaply. We don't
want to lose the low prices we've become
accustomed to.

Face Unlock was a gimmicky feature that arrived in
Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It didn't always work
and it was easy to spoof with a photo but finding
new ways to effortlessly, but securely, unlock your
smartphone is still on the agenda.
Nexus 6 Fingerprint Scanner With the iPhone 5S , HTC One Max and Samsung
Galaxy S5 all sporting fingerprint scanners it's no
surprise that other top-end handsets are being
linked to the biometric tech.
The Nexus 6 is no exception, with Android Geeks
citing a "trusted source" who claims the handset
will indeed come with a fingerprint scanner .
Apple's Touch ID uses your fingerprints and there's
a digit scanner in the Galaxy S5 too. This kind of
security is set to become a new standard.

We've seen Kevlar coating from Motorola and
waterproofing from Sony and Samsung, and there's
no doubt the Nexus line could stand to toughen up.
You only need to glance at any Nexus 4 or Nexus 5
forum to find tales of woe from hapless owners
with shattered screens.
Flexible display technology could put an end to
cracked and broken screens. Waterproofing has left
the rugged category behind and broken into the
mainstream. A Nexus 6 that can survive a dunk and
doesn't need a polycarbonate overcoat.

NEXUS 6 is going to be the beast as its predessors has made a reputation in the market . Everyone is imagining it to be the best Android of the year and we sure it would perform its best. But remember The "ONEPLUS ONE" the flagship killer , may the Nexus 6 beat it easily with its spectacular performance but Oneplus One remains to be the one of the best device in budget and performance compartment.

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Jolla Launcher  [No root required] For All Android Phones

The Jolla phone has been out for a while now, and running Sailfish OS, it presents itself as a fresh and interesting alternative what we’ve all gotten used to over the years—albeit it has heritage in the more primitive MeeGo previously. Normally, those who are looking to give Sailfish a go would have to either get some hands on experience with the Jolla phone themselves or wait around for a port to their current device. But because both of these options may not be possible, it’s good to see that folks can now be able to experience a large part of the OS with the recently ported Sailfish launcher.

here is the jolla launcher working nicely on all 4.2+ android phones . Obviously its an alpha state software and is buggy, but more feature rich than what was shown in the youtube video.

what works
1) swipe to peek
2) notification
3) swipe to minimize
4) pully menu on main screen

This is not the alpha version as advertised in official alpha testers. so maybe we will get even more update.
Link to download(4.2+)

Download now For 4.2+

Other linkhttp

Original (4.3+)

Download Download now For 4.3+

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